Our Survey Services

Apex Analytics Limited provides services in the field of acquisition, processing, interpretation, storage, retrieval and maintenance of geographical data. The service ranges from conventional Land, Swamp, Geophysical and Hydrographical Surveying to Digital mapping project using the latest geographic information system. In addition to the land surveying services, expertise is available in Civil Engineering and Environmental Services.

Our survey fleet is equipped with full ocean depth Multi-beam Echo-sounder systems for habitat surveys, hydro-graphic surveys and charting. Our accurate desktop studies assist in cable route planning and for cable burial we conduct onboard soils assessment. Our services also include airborne acquisition of offshore bathymetric lidar data and the acquisition of 2D seismic data for Exclusive Economic Zone assessment for UNCLOS claims.


For submarine communication and power cables we provide planning, desktop studies, site visits, route selection, route survey and installation support. Associated services include environmental impact studies, burial assessment surveys and archaeological surveys.




Apex Analytics Limited supports your offshore development activities with geophysical survey services at all water depths. We perform surveys of rig sites and pipeline routes; and for engineering developments our surveys reduce project risk, enhance safety and facilitate route and project design for offshore developers.




With our vast experience in surveying and mapping, we use the latest technology to deliver fit-for-purpose data and comprehensive topographic mapping services.







Apex Analytics Limited delivers geophysical, geotechnical and environmental survey solutions for site survey, pipeline/cable route survey, ROV, seabed mapping and pipeline inspection. 



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